New Partner in Poland

Synercube found a new partner in Poland. The visit of Christiane von der Heiden and Wolfgang Thiele - combined with a workshop - on 29.11.2017 in Wroclaw was well worth it.

A partner contract developed from the interesting contact with Artur Olszewski, co-owner and managing director at Profes as well as Grzegorz Petal, consultant and representative of the Kaizen Institute, which also belongs to Profes.

Profes was founded 25 years ago. The portfolio includes training and coaching for executives. Furthermore, Profes is well positioned in the field of computer-based learning. The Synercube seminars and workshops are translated into Polish. Krzysztof Gwozdek is the first certified Synercube consultant in Poland.

More information can be found on the homepage directly via Profes: