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New studies confirm 3. dimension as value-orientation

New study

With Prof. Mueller from the University of Osnabrueck, two studies on leadership values and leadership dimensions have been published as Master Theses. 

The 1. study "Leadership Dimensions: An Empirical Integration" by Svenja Schumacher concludes that today, not 3 but 4 leadership dimensions are recognizable. 

The first 2 dimensions are the well-known task- and people-orientation observed already by R. Blake & J. Mouton. 

The 3. dimension that is of special interest to us resembles values, vision, and change. The 4. dimension is called "Passive Leadership" and basically deals with no leadership. 

The 2. study "Explizierte Werte zur Kommunikation der Organisationskultur. Welche WErte postullieren deutsche börsennotierte Unternehmen?" has been published in German by Nele Seggewiß and shows posted values from German organizations. It is dependent on the recipient though, how these values are classified. 

Conclusion of the study is that there are 6 different types of values - 3 externally oriented (as Image) and 3 internally. The assigned determined time varies between short-, mid-, and long-term. 

The internal orientation is vital to the Synercube bias due to its' internal focus on change and improvement of the organizations' culture. Mid-, and long-term approaches are of main interest. The mid-term internal approach is called "cohesion", the long-term approach "transformation". The aspects mostly named are trust, respect, appreciation, team spirit, sustainability, responsibility, integrity, honesty, enthusiasm, and commitment. 

The values that are exemplary used in Synercube seminars are:

  • Trust
  • Fairness
  • Commitment
  • Responsibility

Thus, the study covers the relevance of the values used by Synercube.