Leadership in the 3. Dimension

The three-dimensional Synercube Leadership Concept

There is a correlation between individual leadership behaviour, individual moral concepts, and the business environment's values. The interaction between these elements is crucial for a comapny's success.

Business Coaching

Development of Personality, Team and Organization. 

Synercube - consultant for top and middle managemant. Main focus of the consultancy is leadership behaviour and the development of most effective work relationships. 


Benefit from Synercube's experience 

Synercube Seminars and Programs differ tremendously from other management trainings. Their main focus is the force of efficient self-monitoring of goal-oriented behaviour. 

Leadership - A Scientific Survey

Corporate Values are Key to Synercube Organization Development

With Prof. Mueller from the University of Osnabrueck, two studies on leadership values and leadership dimensions have been published as Master Theses. The 1. study "Leadership Dimensions: An Empirical Integration" by Svenja Schumacher concludes that today, not 3 but 4 leadership dimensions occur.

The first 2 dimensions are the well-known task- and people-orientation that were alreday observed by R. Blake an J. Mouton.

The 3. dimension that is of special interest to us is called orientation and resembles values, vision, and change. The 4. dimension is called "Passive Leadership" and basically deals with no leadership.