Profes - Synercube Partner in Poland

Synercube found a new partner in Poland. The visit of Christiane von der Heiden and Wolfgang Thiele - combined with a workshop - on 29.11.2017 in Wroclaw was well worth it.

A partner contract developed from the interesting contact with Artur Olszewski, co-owner and managing director at Profes as well as Grzegorz Petal, consultant and representative of the Kaizen Institute, which also belongs to Profes.

Profes was founded 25 years ago. The portfolio includes training and coaching for executives. Furthermore, Profes is well positioned in the field of computer-based learning. The Synercube seminars and workshops are translated into Polish. Krzysztof Gwozdek is the first certified Synercube consultant in Poland.

More information can be found on the homepage directly via Profes:

Synercube in Austria

We are very happy that Dr. Rudolf Attems is our Synercube partner in Austria. With his many years of experience in organizational and personnel development and sound expertise in psychology, group dynamics and systemic consulting he greatly contributes to the Synercube network.

The centre of his consulting has always been the question: “Based on the resources available, how can companies become what they could be?”With actions on the development of vision and strategy and their implementation on the different levels, supervision of change in the understanding of leadership and in the corporate culture as well as professionalization of leadership, Dr. Attems is the ideal Synercube partner for the advice of different customers and, thanks to his expertise and experience, an enrichment for the scientific development of the Synercube concept.

Henning Hasper - Partner

Henning Hasper supports our Synercube Team.

From 1984 until 2010 Henning Hasper owned numerous management positions at Globus Bamumarkt and later at Globus SB Warenhaus . From 2005 until 2010 Henning Hasper was Manager of the Headquarter at Globus SB Warenhaus GmbH.

From  2010 until 2013 Henning Hasper was General Manager at Max Bahr, before becoming self-employed as consultant in the same year. Henning Hasper supports us in susatainable Organisation Development with his longtime retail experience and his profound knowledge in that sector.

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Synercube in Russia

Johannes Tholey, longtime Manager at Globus in Germany and Russia and most recently Managing Director Globus Russia, is the second international Synercube Partner and responsible for marketing and the implementation of Synercube in Russia.

He is assisted by his wife, Olga Tholey. The very close cooperation with the scientific originator and Synercube shareholder Prof. Dr. Anatoly Zankovsky will help to ensure that the concept is continuously reviewed and developed.

The photo shows from left to right: Prof. Dr. Anatoly Zankovsky, Johannes Tholey, Olga Tholey, Christiane von der Heiden

Prof. Dr. Anatoly Zankovsky - scientific creator

Since 2015, Anatoly Zankovsky, Organization Psychologist and scientific creator of the Synercube Concept is also shareoholder of Synercube GmbH. Anatoly Zankovsky was born on September 17 1954 in moscow, Russia. He studied at the University of Moscow and finished in 1980 with a diploma in Psychology. In 1985 he received is doctorate from Prof. M. V. Lomonosov at the Moscow State University. 

Prof. Zankovsky has written 6 books and more than 80 articles on Psychology and management. The 3rd edition of his book "Organization Psychology" was recently published and honoured as best book by the national foundation for personal training. 

Since 2001 Prof. Zankovsky is head of the department of psychology at the Moscow State University for Economy, Statistics and IT.