Ready for Change

Are the people on your team ready for change? 

How important is the correct handling of conflict?  

How to shape change in an environment of shortened innovation cycles within your market?

Is there a connection between your corporate culture and your coporation's success? 

A quote by Jack Welch

"Questions of corporate culture and corporate values are as important as figures and results. 

Developing a sound and highly integrative corporate culture is not easy. Many leaders think it is a 5-minute task for HR to explain the corporate values to a new employee. When it comes to corporate culture, it is not about words. It is about behaviour and consequences. Everybody in an organisation who leads other people has the position of a "Chief Value Officer". 

Employees have to be measured on basis of their achieved results and on basis of their lived values in every personal conversation and performance review. 

There are only 4 conclusions:

1.) Employees with good results and sound values.
They are the good basis of the company.

2.) Employees with bad results and unsound values.
They don't have a future in the company. 

3.) Employees with moderate results and sound values.
We adhere to them and support them with concrete actions. 
Their behaviour justifies this support.

4.) Employees with great results and unsound values.
People who don't communicate with colleagues, who best clients behind the back, who bow above and kick below, and who at the same time always produce their numbers, are people, who are normally kept on teams by their leaders. This is, where change begins. These people should go home, and the reason why should be announced within the organization. Since the rationale is their violation of the company's values. These examples are more credible for a sound and lived corporate culture than 1000 words or mission statements carved in stone."