We offer 7 public Synercube Leadership Seminar in German language, 4 in Germany and 3 in Austria. For information on Polish seminars, please contact our partner Profes directly.

In case yo are intersted in an English Synercube Leadership Program, please feel free to contact us directly via email: christiane.vonderheiden@synercube.com or via our contact form on this website.

You are intersted in attending in a German language Synercube Leadership Seminar? Please, click here. You will be forwarded to the German application form. 

More Synercube Instruments

In addition to the Synercube Leadership Seminar that targets top and middle management, Synercube offers a range of seminars and workshops, which aim the individual needs of the different target groups in an organization. 

For the development of the individual

  • lower management levels, such as team leaders
  • non-managerial level

For the development of the team

  • Synercube Team Development workshops for different hierarchical levels
  • Synercube Workshops to target and solve different organizational and management challenges

For the development of the organization

  • Culture Analysis and Culture Development
  • Strategy Development Sessions
  • Merger & Acquistions

Team and Organization Development workshops are always 100% customized to perfectly meet the needs of your individual organization. If need be, all seminars and workshops that target the individual development can also be customized to your organization's needs, standards, language.