Benefit from Synercube's experience

Synercube seminars and programs differ tremendously from other management trainings. Their main focus is the force of efficient self-monitoring of goal-oriented behaviour. 

Value-oriented Management & Personal Responsibility

People make decisions based on individually differing attitudes. Genuine, durable and profound change can be achieved, when people learn more about their personal values and its impact on results.  

Value-oriented leadership contributes significantly to sustainably developing team culture and identification with tasks, company goals, and the organization as a whole. Long-term studies show verifiably: Synercube seminar participants are more engaged with their jobs and more successful in implementing their action plans. 


Using a method of instrumented team learning inimitably supports the learning behaviour of adults and increases the motivation for change. Learning is independent from any seminar facilitator. In small teams, participants work on solutions for upcoming challenges.

In seminars, group-dynamic processes are triggered by scientific learning instruments. By this, a stable quality of learning experiences and the achievment of synergy on the teams are guaranteed.  

Self-dependent, the seminar participants develop alternatives to their used, even ineffective habbits. 

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Each participant is responsible for his personal learning process as well as that of the team. 

All concepts are based on scientific work and provide know-how for personal change and that of the entire organization. 

The blended-learning approach has a couple of advantages: The phases of attendance serve understanding the 3-Factor-Model and how it helps growing effectiveness at the workplace. Individual action plans and professional supervision by Synercube consultants secure the implementation of these action steps. 

Synercube Organization Development can be implemented internationally. As a top-down process it covers the entire organization, over all hierarchical levels. 

Synercube Teamwork

In addition to being consolidated trained, Synercube Consultants bring with them experience from their professional workaday life as well as profound know-how in supervising change processes. Since 1974 we successfully and trustfully cooperate with with many clients from different branches. 

What makes the Synercube philosophy so special: Customers with top self-motivation, scientifically approved methods, and long-term experience in supervising change processes. Synercube works! Our word is our bond!

The Start: Seminars and workshops for individual development

Seminars for top and middle management as well as employees:

  • length: 2-4 days, depending on the target group
  • Professional supervision via web-based Transfer Coaching
  • Development towards visionary, value-oriented leadership 
  • 5 principles of value-oriented leadership:
    • Trust
    • Fairness
    • Identification
    • Responsibility
    • Candor

Create values: Team development workshops all areas

Team spirit, a high level of motivation and a value system that also bears in challenging times are created by a trustful atmosphere. Candor, Engagement and the ability to critique are stimulated constantly in the workaday life.

Within different activities, participants achieve higher standards and better team work quality.  

For a sustainable change of a team's culture, a 2-4-day process is ideal when dealing with a team of 8-10 people.