Synercube Teamwork Seminar

The Synercube Teamwork Seminar creates the basis for action that is value-, people- and result-oriented. That basis is then sustainably consolidated in the transfer phase, so that all we learn is carried into long-term, concrete action.

Participants are encouraged to help shape change processes, and develop a common understanding of values, which strengthens identification with the company.

The seminar enables participants to perceive conflicts as an opportunity for approaching positive change. Synergy is achieved through constructive conflict resolution within the safety of a receptive company culture.

The Synercube Teamwork Seminar lasts 2 days and is aimed at commercial and industrial employees without managerial responsibility.

The process

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Die Synercube Führungsseminare bilden die Grundlage für eine nachhaltige Leistungssteigerung, indem sie die individuellen Führungsqualitäten und die Teamleistung stärken und fördern.

Unsere Seminare und Workshops bestehen aus vier Phasen:



Here we lay the basis for what is to be achieved, and how, based on your current business culture.



A forum for focusing on and developing tailored leadership optimization, including establishing standards and sustainable goals.



Implementation of development strategies into daily use, focusing on immediate hurdles and challenges, and instilling result-oriented change in the team.



Crucial analysis of how developments and leadership optimization are affecting the team culture and success.

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Synercube Leadership Seminar 06.-10.03.2022

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