We create value-based change.

There are strong correlations in an organisation between a heavily result-oriented culture and a people-oriented culture. A person’s behaviour is significantly influenced by their environment. Thus, how do we create an environment, a culture, that most benefits productivity and a positive relationship between all parties?

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Value oriented Leadership

People, results and culture

Our approach at Synercube is value oriented, and based on Prof. Anatoly Zankovsky’s ‘Cube’ concept, a three-dimensional leadership model that focuses on the pillars of People, Results and Culture.

By involving and engaging the people concerned, Synercube supports organisations and leaders in hands-on shaping their processes of change. Being able to handle the constant flux in the world is essential for a company and its employees to thrive. That’s why we want to prepare you for it.

Our General Manager Wolfgang Thiele has more than 30 years of experience in scientific-based Organisation Development. He has spent much of that time working with various universities throughout Germany to refine the Synercube method. With Christiane von der Heiden, the next generation at Synercube is building on that success and pushing the concept even further forward.

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